weird situation…

okay now im in the middle weird situation…me balikan?hmmm…get over it okay…

but now my friend its being weird as weird as idk what…she so weird icant even tell what happen to her! like she was already been taken by the dark side! ok im joking about the dark side thingy..but seriously she really acting weird latley i dont know why..i dont know what happen to her…ohmygod… what happening? seriously i hope this situation be a better as soon as possible.please… i want my besties back 😦 okay they already make a mess with me the other day..but that doesnt mean that they cant be my besties again right? me and my girls please…..wish everything could be normal as usually….

hope she’s okay..idont know what i have to do in a situation like this….. hope they all okay…..

FYI sorry for the “typo” thingy…. πŸ˜‰Β 

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